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PT. Arum Nirwana Global
Komplek Rukan Griya Inti Sentosa Blok L1 no. 23 Sunter Agung
Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Telepon: 021 6909590

Profil Perusahaan:

PT.Arum Nirwana Global is a leading company in food and beverage industry in Indonesia.

PT.Arum Nirwana Global is one of the sister company of PT.INDOFRESH which is a major fruit importer company in Indonesa. We import many selective F&B products from all around the world and distribute it to all markets in Indonesia.

Our role is to import premium quality products from various region of the world.

PT.Arum Nirwana Global have a large distribution channel in Indonesia which consist of modern trade and traditional trade. Which we're able to supply and deliver the highest quality service with the help of our logistics.

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